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A Dad Filmed His Daughter from Birth to Age 14. The Metamorphosis of Life is Undoubtedly Beautiful!

Parents always treasure every moment of their kid’s life. Some make scrapbooks to keep all the pictures of their kids from their first smile to their first day in school. There are others who keep a blog to update their kid’s development. But Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte every week from birth until she is 14 years old. You will be amazed of the facial differences that will occur from day zero. Just imagine, this dad filmed his daughter since she was a baby and he waited for 14 years before finally making this video!


Take a look at the wonder of life on how a baby turns into a lady!

Source: Hofmeester

Life is indeed beautiful ! The wonder of one’s life is beyond what we can imagine just like this girl. Share this video to your friends too so they can see how this pretty girl has grown and how your future kids will grow too!