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What These 40 Text/Chat Lingo Really Mean. You’ll Surely Change the Way You Understand Them.

Since all of us use mobile phones, we either send text messages or if you have a smart phone, you use different communication platforms for chatting. It would take time if we type the words in their complete spellings. So, we merely make use of abbreviations and acronyms. If you are fond of texting and chatting, I’m sure you are familiar with all these. But aside from how you understand them, there is a hidden message in it.

1. Okay– It’s not really okay. I just say it so you’ll feel good about it.
2. Okiez– I don’t have a choice but agree with you.
3. K– I pissed off.
4. LOL– It’s funny. NOT. Your corny man! Not LOLing at all.
5. LOLZ– You’re getting cornier and I want to remove those kernels from you so you’ll shut up.
6. LMAO– Laughing My Ass Off. Actually have no expression at all or is farting yourself off with laughter.
7. ROTFLMAO– Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off. I’m rolling on the floor and could not get up.
8. BRB– Won’t be back. You’re boring. Stop texting. You’re wasting my time.
9. GTG– Got to go forever. Told you you’re boring. I really don’t wanna text you anymore.
10. B4N– Bye for now. Actually, bye forever. I hope you’ll lose your simcard or your phone so you can’t text me anymore.

Text Lingo Meaning

11. C U 2moro– Seeing you leads 2 sorrow. Ugh. Not seeing you.
12. C U 2nite– Seeing you ruins my night, and my entire day. Not coming.
13. BCNU– Be Seeing You. Not interested to see you. Not coming.
14. CYA-See yah. Cover Your Ass. Go.
15. L8R– Never.
16. ILY– I am lazy to say i love you. In short, I don’t love you completely.
17. NP– No Problem. I don’t really give a damn.
18. OIC– Oh, I See. So, what now?
19. OMG– Oh My Gosh. You know what I mean when I say it. No need to explain. K? But oftentimes, it is just a filler.
20. OT– Off Topic. Let’s change the subject.
21. POV– Point of View. Let me know what you think but it actually doesn’t matter.Pft.
22. BTW– By the way. The previous topic was boring. I’d insert something else to the convo.
23. RBTL– Read Between the Lines. Your stupid.
24. RTM– Read the manual. Your dumb.

Chat Lingo Meaning

25. Thanx– I thank you not.
26. Tnx– Thank you but it doesn’t come from the heart, just from the fingers that typed it.
27. Thx– Thank you but I am not that grateful to complete the spelling.
28. Tx-Thanks. I know you expect that from me. So, here you go. Tx.
29. TYVM– Thank you very much. Not really coz if I was, I should have typed it completely.
30. TLC– Tender Loving Care. Truly Less Care. Just saying so you’ll be happy.
31. TCCIC-Take care coz I care. Coz I don’t know what to say. Just a filler.
32. TTYL– Talk to you Later. Shut up. Don’t say a word..ever! If you do, I’ll Talk To You Louder.
33. WTF– This time I mean it.
34. XOXO– Hugs and Kisses. So we could stop this nonsense conversation. K?
35. – Three dots mean I still have something to say.
36. ….– Four dots mean, it was merely a typo.
37. …..– Five dots mean, I won’t say what i want to say because it will drive you nuts.
38. ……– Six dots and more mean, I don’t wanna say anything to you.
39. SWAK-Sealed with a Kiss. No, it’s just saliva. Not a kiss at all. A kiss can’t seal. A saliva can.
40. WYWH-Wish You Were Here. I’m getting emotional. T.T Or I’m faking it so you’ll come and bring me what I had been asking from you.

Let your friends know about what these text and chat lingo may mean other than what they already know.