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You Might Think Twice of Taking A Photo From Your Phone Once You See This! Creepy!

It becomes our attitude to take photos of food before we eat them wherever we are. But what if something goes wrong while taking the picture? For sure, you’ll never stop until you get the right shot. But what if something else pops into your phone’s camera screen instead of the actual item you are shooting? For sure, you’ll be curious of what is happening. You will continue taking more shots or even try to discover the mystery of your camera. This girl saw something unusual in her camera which is really creepy.

scary taking pic

I don’t know if she will still have the appetite to munch on her food. But I’m sure; she’ll be scared to take selfies and photos after this moment! By the way, be sure to finish the video till the end!

Will this change the way you take photos? Well, we hope not. But I do admit that this short horror film gave me thrills! Share this to your friends so they’ll be as shocked as you too!