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This Lady Was Diagnosed With Cancer. What His Husband Did Will Take You To An Emotional Ride.

Life can be incredible and it may be disastrous. It basically depends on how we handle the things that life throws our way. Angelo Merendino, a man who had beautiful hopes for the future with his beautiful wife, Jeniffer, was able to face one of the hardest test in life: loosing someone we truly love. Diagnosed with cancer 5 months after their wedding, Jeniffer’s battle with cancer lasted for a few years before it took away her life. What Angelo did during their struggle against the disease is completely heart-jerking. He documented Jen’s struggle on fighting her illness by taking photos of their battle together. These powerful photos will leave you teary-eyed and completely moved.


cancer start




haircut cancer

bald cancer

stress cancer

mon cancer

beach cancer

cancer bday

confine cancer

cancer dad

canncer problem

hope cancer

sad cancer

weak cancer

priest on cancer

farewell cancer

no more cancer

goodbye cancer

Source: mywifehasbreastcancer

Jen and Angelo’s love story may have been very short, but it has touched a million people lives especially those who are going through the same or somehow similar situation. This photographic story tells a powerful story truly worth sharing. You can also help people out there. Share their love story and continue to inspire others!