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This is How It Would Be If Google Was A Real Man. The Last Part is Surprisingly Funny!

All of us use Google every day. Everything we need to know and everything we want to ask, we go to Google. The answer will be given after a few seconds. That is indeed very convenient. We ask just anything from school assignments to personal health problems. It might sound crazy but that is the reality. But what if Google was a man? Can you just imagine the endless queue of people wanting to seek answers while Google provide that to them every single minute of the day? That would be tiresome!

google talking to nsa

I wonder how much Mr. Google receives as a salary for such a taxing job! Now, watch this video and be sure you will finish it until the last part.

Source: College Humor

Hilarious right? Here’s the Part 1. Well, it pays to finish the video and I am sure you kind of agree with it because like what I said, we all use Google. Enjoyed this video? Share it with your friends for some good time!