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It Rained Food but There is More to It Than Just Falling Foodie. The Message Will Surprise You.

What would you do if it rains food? Of course, you will ran outside and get as much as you want. But this video of Raining Food has a message that not all of us could understand. It isn’t a result of a scientific experiment like what is in the animated movie Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. It delivers the message that food could have varying impacts to us shown by his facial expressions and that we could share the same satisfaction to those who do not have food to eat. I also think that it tells us that while we are feasting with too much food as if it’s raining, people from Africa and other places in the world and experiencing food drought.


Look at this bizarre video which received various responses around the globe because people have diverse understanding of its message.

Source: SteveKardynal

The video started with cereal and milk that represents breakfast giving him joy as it could provide him energy for the rest of the day. You can also see some food from food stands that gave the man a troubled expression which seems to mirror the demands and mayhem in life. Then there were candies and other foodies conveying different expressions. What can you say about this video which advocates for hunger? Let your friends Alas!