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That Moment When Two People’s Mind Meet While Inside a Public Toilet. Prepare for a Pooping Duet.

When we feel the need to go to the toilet while at work, in the mall or any public areas, we do not have a choice but to go to the public toilet. Once we are in there, we are bombarded with tons of paranoia from that fear of other people hearing our pooping symphony, that fear of facing the person who occupies the next door and that fear of filling the air with unbearable aroma.

What will happen if two people’s thoughts will meet while pooping in a public toilet? Guy 1 is in Door 1 trying to poop. Guy 2 is in Door 2 doing the same thing. And then their minds meet!

Guys in Public Toilet

Guy 1: How am I gonna do this when someone is occupying the other door?
Guy 2: Oh…This guy feels like pooping too. Guess this will be a popping duet.

Guy 1: (Sweating) This is gonna be hard.
Guy 2: (Relaxed) This is gonna be easy.

Guys in Public Toilet

Guy 1: I wanna do this. I have to do this but I can’t!
Guy 2: Don’t be ashamed. You’re a person. Nothing is wrong with pooping. Were both human beings. Even pigs poop. C’mon.

Guy 1: But I can’t poop when somebody is around.
Guy 2: There are billions of people. They poop. There are billions of pooping people everywhere. You always poop with people around.

Guy 1: I am ashamed that you’ll hear my poop.
Guy 2: its okay. You’ll hear my poop too. I know its mildly traumatizing but you could get over it once you’re done.

Guy 1:You sure of that?
Guy 2: Yes, of course. Pooping sound is as common as the sound of dripping water or your cellphone beeping. It’s music to my ears.

Guys in Public Toilet

Guy 1: But I’m also afraid that you’ll recognize me when we go out.
Guy 2: Of course not. I did not see you went you got in. Did you see me?

Guy 1: No. I was already inside when you got in.
Guy 2: Good. We can both get over that paranoia of seeing each other when this pooping duet is done.

<pGuy 1: Ohh…It’s hard to hold it…
Guy 2: Go for it man. I don’t care if you have the biggest poop in the world. But I guess, Guinness does. Dude, poop like nobody’s watching. Poop like it’s your first poop ever. Be a proud pooper!

Guy 1: Uhm…can you just leave?
Guy 2: You crazy? I’m not done yet. How can I concentrate pooping when you are interfering my thoughts? C’mon. I know what you are doing. It is a normal human function. Its poop or die!

Guy 1: I think it’s coming now! I wanna hold it! I’m still ashamed.
Guy 2: Let it go! Let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore!

Guys in Public Toilet

Guy 1: Let it go, let it go. I’ll just turn away when I’m done. I don’t care what you’re going to say…Let the poop rage on. You never bothered me anyway.
Guy 2: It’s funny how some distance, makes everything seem small. And the fears that once controlled us, can’t get to us at all!

Guys in Public Toilet

Guy 1 and 2: Let it go! Let it go! (Fireworks!!) We both aren’t bothered anyway.

Guys in Public Toilet

Flushes. Success!

Guys in Public Toilet

If you get into a public toilet, do not fear. Just let it go! Share the fun to your friends!