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Two Old Ladies Took Their First Flight Ever. Their Joy Flies Them Back to Childhood!

The airplane is one way to get to a place easier with less hassle. That is why, most of us have ridden one but there are still people who haven’t just like these old ladies. Yes, at their age they were not able to try riding an airplane not because they can’t but because they refused to. You will see how they were prepared for the airplane ride and how they reacted when they finally got into one. Just like what they said, they felt 10 years younger after the experience.


Let us take a look at what activities they undergo to prepare them for their first flight ever!

Source: Vodafone Firsts

We really loved the joy in the faces of these old ladies and we admire their courage too because despite their fear and hesitation, they still went into that plane. Obviously, they will never regret that they did! Know someone who hasn’t tried riding an airplane? Show this video to them so they will know how it actually feels to be in one!