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This Group of Performers Sang The Lion King Song in the Airplane. I Wish I Was On The Same Flight!

It would be amazing to hear the a cappella of a song that we have learned to love through the years. Listening to a combination of various voices without any musical instruments to accompany it will allow us to appreciate human talent that is distinct in each and everyone of us. What if you are in an airplane and a flash mob suddenly sings the famous Lion King song thus entertaining everyone with their flabbergasting voices? Well, that would certainly one experience I will never forget.

lion king in airplane

The Broadway team for the Lion King musical was on their way to Sydney. Because of their elation, they decided to sing the Lion King Song before takeoff. Listen to how their lovely singing and you’ll surely wish you were on the same flight!

Source: DisneyOnBroadway

Such a talented group! Did you see the reaction of the passengers? Well, they were pleased of the surprise number the team has given. And yes, that Lion King song is indeed beautifully composed! You can share this video not just to Lion King lovers but even to those who love music!