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This Guy Sings “Let It Go”. You’ll Be Surprised How He Change Voices!

Disney’s Frozen is a great hit for both kids and adults creating a Frozen craze everywhere from novelty items, toys and even to online trends! You can see Frozen inspired crafts, recipes, printables, and a whole lot more. But what is even more interesting are videos that feature people singing soundtracks from the movie. This guy really pulled it off by singing Let It Go, the official soundtrack of the movie in various voices from Scar of Lion King to Mickey Mouse. But not just Disney characters sung the song but even those from Pixar like Mike Wazowski. And what is more amazing is that, he hits the note despite changing voices!

Source: Youtube

So that’s 21 different voices of Disney and Pixar characters. Wow this guy really owned it. Does your friends like the movie Frozen’s official soundtrack too? Share this to them on Facebook!