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This Guy Thinks He Could Eat and Lose Weight at The Same Time. FAIL!

Once you go to the gym, you’d expect to soak in your own sweat. Of course, it is all part of getting fit. You’d do a lot of exercises to achieve your goal of getting that body figure and shape. But this man has a different motivation to exercise. While others are maintaining a good diet, he is never on diet. Instead, he used food as a motivator to do lifts, sit ups and others. Queer but funny! He would even ask other gym goers to hand him food or, he would also share with them only to get a refusal!

gym eating

Watch how this guy eats junk foods and other unhealthy foodie while working out.

Source: BigDawsTv

LOL! His motivation is really strange and funny that it sends laughter to other people in the gym. It’s like he is eating and losing weight at the same time which of course isn’t going to happen. Obviously, it’s a total gym failure! Show this video to your friends so they’ll get an idea how to wrongly motivate themselves in the gym!