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Goats Sing The Game of Thrones Song. Watch Their Official Music Video. So HILARIOUS!

Everyone is excited about the Game of Thrones which has started as a Fantasy TV epic turned into a blockbuster movie. So, if you think you are the only ones who are excited, you are wrong because even the goats are. Ahuh. You read it right. The goats are thrilled about the movie that they decided to sing the theme song with their own version.


Don’t expect them to say words because we all know they just Baahhh and Meehhh. And that is how they sang it. The result is hilarious!

Source: Marca Blanca

What do you think of their singing? But I had one observation, there are lambs in the video too which means this isn’t just a Game of Goats but is a Game of Goats and Lambs. Let others see this music video. Who knows, getting more views might make these goats and lambs future musical icons! Oh my. I’d have a different view of music if that happens!