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These Facebook Status Fails Will Make You Cringe With Laughter. Don’t Laugh Too Hard. You Might Be in the List!

Before, things are private between you and me and from all the people around the world. But today, we could get a little something from others wherever they are in the world because of their social media accounts and what they share in it. Every day, we are bombarded with selfies and even pictures of the foods our FB friends eat but we also read their statuses telling us what they are doing, what they are thinking and how they feel.

But there are some who are showing their ignorance and idiocy through their Facebook statuses. Posting something without really thinking about it could make you a laughing stock. Well, some are not really aware of this and just post whatever comes to their mind thinking that it makes them look cool or even smart. In truth, they looked and sounded stupid.

1. Hippocrates!

2. Titanic.

3. Let’s bleech.
Let's bleech

4. Grammar Fail.
Grammar Fail

5. Elevator.

6. Cellphone hashtag.
Cellphone hashtag

7. Finding Nemo.
Finding Nemo

8. Dino Ignorance.
Dino Ignorance

9. Sorry Illuminati.
Sorry Illuminati

10. Earth’s Birthday.
Earth's Birthday

11. Google Maps.
Google Maps

12. Marilyn Monroe Quote.
Marilyn Monroe Quote

13. Sun Star.
Sun Star

14. Cute Haircut.
Cute Haircut

15. Credit Card Fail.
Credit Card Fail

16. RIP Fail.
RIP Fail

17. Rape?

18. Happiness.

19. Google Chrome Switch
Google Chrome Switch

20. Oh! Jesus!
Oh! Jesus!

21. Fourth of July.
Fourth of July

22. Idiot Pedestrian.
Idiot Pedestrian

23. Salmonella.

24. Epitaph.

25. Ugly Girls Issue.
Ugly Girls Issue

I know you find these Facebook statuses funny but this is also a warning for you that before you post, you have to think or maybe just Google about it just to be sure that you will not end up looking stupid in front of your friends and the entire world! Share this with your friends so you’ll share a good laugh too!