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Being the Biggest Penguin in the Group is the BEST. You’ll Find Out Why.

Who says only humans are curious? Even animals are. You’ll remember Happy Feet once you see this video of some Penguins. You’ll be amazed of where their curiosity brought them. This video reminds me of a scene in Happy Feet when someone started flying then all the rest followed and tried to fly too. But these penguins here aren’t flying. They were wondering what that thing is and started doing something to it. And yes, the rest of the penguins did the same too.

Bridge House

This video shows us that animals also think! But one penguin certainly stands out because of its size and would even brag about it to the rest . You will see his stunt in the video.

Source: Youtube

Aren’t they cute? That mysterious garbage that they saw surely gave them an experience that is totally extraordinary. I’m sure they could share some interesting status in Facebook now. Lol. And you will also realize that size could make a difference because of what the biggest penguin was able to do. Find this cute? Share it to your friends!