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This Toddler Runs Away From His Own Shadow. It’s Funny and Cute at the Same Time.

Can you remember a moment when you were running away from something you are afraid of but no matter how hard you run, it stays? Well, this is how this toddler feels about his shadow. His innocent face was very much surprised and scared of his own shadow. It is cute how the boy keeps on running trying to go away from his shadow. He was even happy when he was saved by a large shadow casted on the ground.

let it go parody

His facial expression is just so cute! I think, he would wish he lost his shadow just like how Peter Pan did!

Source: berge95

A child’s innocence can be really be funny sometimes but for them, it is a serious thing. So, when your kids encounter strange things, explain it well to them just like how this dad introduced the shadow to his son. Got a friend who find toddlers a real cutie? Share this video to them!