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A Man Campaigns to Fuck The Poor. The Crowd Radically Reacted, But Do They Really Care?

The sight of a person asking for alms and help in the streets isn’t a new scenario. But there is a man who has a surprising campaign. A man goes out in the crowd campaigning to “Fuck the Poor”. Of course, people around him reacted and opposed his unbelievable promotion. It is actually a social experiment from poverty charity, The Pilion Trust, to see whether we really do care about the less fortunate. With the way the people responded, it looks like they care.


But do they really care that much? Check out what happens when the man changed his campaign from Fuck the Poor to Help the Poor.

Source: The Pilion Trust Charity

Sad to say, people don’t really care that much because if they do, they should have done something to help the less fortunate. Let other people know that you care for the poor by sharing this video.