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This Senior Golden Retriever Cuddles with Baby Chicks. Their Sweetness Will Melt Your Heart!

Animals have special relationships with their owners and we are always pleased with how human beings and animals could bond together. But we are even more amazed with how animals treat other animals. Well, we are not referring to the prey-predator relationship but to the sweet side of animal love for each other. Just like this golden retriever and some baby chicks.

Candice Sedighan, a 21-year-old photographer and dog lover owns this dog named Champ. Photos of Champ became famous from the series of photography work Candice did showing a happy dog with things on strings. This time, another series of photos are getting more attention featuring the dog with some chicks burrowing into its fur. According to Candice, she found a man with chicks in a box and offered to take care of them. She wasn’t sure of how her dog Champ will react towards the new family members but by carefully introducing the chicks to Champ, a sweet relationship occurred between the pooch and the baby chicks.

Candice said, “I carefully introduced him to just one chick in my hand to see how he would react while I was petting it. He didn’t mind the chick at all and just curiously and gently sniffed it. I think one of the biggest reasons he didn’t want to hurt the chick was the way I introduced it to him. He is also much more obedient after years of training and getting used to me photographing him. In 2012, I photographed him with live butterflies on his nose and I’m sure that photoshoot helped prepare him as well. Senior dogs are also just undeniably sweet and full of wisdom. One of my biggest goals, through my photos, is to show others that senior dogs can be cute, too! It seems that puppy photos and videos are quite popular these days, and, of course, puppies are adopted much more quickly in shelters and rescues. I hope these photos help people have a change of heart and give seniors a chance!”


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If you think, these cute photos are not enough, here is a short video of the Golden Retriever with the baby chicks.

Unlike other dogs that ran after chicks and eat them, Champ is a different dog who is obviously well trained. I don’t know about you but I really find this very sweet and cute. How the chicks cuddle and snuggle with Champ is a proof that no matter how different we are from each other, we can really learn to love. As for Candice Sedighan, she did not just train Champ to pose for photos and do other tricks but she was able to teach Champ to love.