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A Dying Dad Gives Her 11-Year-Old Daughter a Gift to Walk Down the Aisle. Get Your Tissues Ready.

Every girl deserves to walk down the aisle together with their father when that right time comes. Sadly, a 62-Year-Old father Jim Zetz that has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is not going to make it. While Jim and his wife Grace was in their scheduled photo shoot, Lindsey Villatoro, a Photographer, found out that their daughter Josie would be turning 11 on the 14th of March. And idea struck and she suggested the couple to why not give their daughter a gift that she won’t forget in her entire life. And that’s how this plan was made. Get your tissue ready cause this will make your tears fall.

This story went viral on the internet and even featured on television. What touch me most is this line quoted by the Pastor Saying:

“Your Dad may not get to see you get Marry, But He is here today to walk you down the Aisle”

I know someone is chopping onions at your side. Make sure to share this story to your friends.