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If You’re Afraid of Heights, Don’t Watch THIS. Because This Guy Will Stop Your Heartbeat.

This guy is definitely not afraid of heights! Hanging on tall buildings, walking on a running train, crossing bars above deep waters and other scary stunts. He can do all that. And can he still manage to smile, take pictures and even take this video. Well, this guy really have the guts and the confidence to do all these. Even merely watching him makes me feel dizzy.

russian stunt

If I were in his shoes, I could’ve fallen and I wouldn’t do such life-risking stunt! Take a look at this video and hold your breath! Don’t worry, nobody got hurt in taking this video.

Source: PrintTM

Would you dare do what this guy is doing? I’m not sure you would because I wouldn’t! Know someone who likes doing stunts like this? Share this to them!