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A 3-Year Old Little Girl Resists Turning Four. Look At How She Reacts About The News.

Most of us don’t want to grow old but that is how life is. We grow older and add another digit to our age every year. But other people cannot accept this veracity, even if they cannot do anything about it. This twin is turning four. It was their last day of being three and their mother decided to take a video of them about turning four and what they love most about being three. But this little girl has a surprising reaction that will make us laugh. She refuses to turn four! Well, that is how kids are. They are honest about what they feel, no matter how crazy it actually sounds!

Source: Andrea Harper

Isn’t she cute? Aside from her cuteness, I like how her twin brother tried to comfort her. This little girl is crying as if she is turning 70!lol. Share this cuteness to your friends who might want to take her place and turn four!