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You Can Now Catch Pokémon Using Smart Phone With Google Maps and Augmented Reality! WHOA!

Are you a Pokémon fanatic? If yes then this is your day. Today, the Google Maps Team just announced their new feature where you can hunt Pokémon anywhere in the world using your smart phone. Thanks to augmented reality technology that made this possible. Now they’re looking for Pokémon Masters around the world to take this challenge.

pokemon google map

Do you you have the guts to become a Pokémon Master? You should start watching now and see if you can catch ’em all! Hint: April.

Source: Google Maps

I know you’re in hype right now and would like to take this challenge. But then you realized it isn’t real. That’s how I feel earlier. It’s a prank but we can’t blame them. Who knows maybe in the near future this becomes a reality and not just an April Fools video. Now share this to your friends who loves Pokémon!