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This Kitty Likes Hug and Went Viral. See What the Creative Community Did With It. [GIF]

We’d guess that most of us here have seen the video of the Best Kitty Hug Ever showing a cat who loves being hugged. The cat even presents itself by outstretching just to get its ever desired hug. Yes, the internet loved this cat. As a matter of fact, different remixes of this long cat came out which is overly hilarious!

But in case you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

Now, take a look at what some creative folks have made to give a funny twist to this hug lover feline!

1. The Original Best Kitty Hug Ever.
Best Kitty Hug Ever

2. Got involved with the supernatural!
Kitty Hug Remixes

3. And surprisingly got so stretchy like an accordion.
Long Cat

4. Or do a creepy fly like a possessed feline.
Long Cat

5. It can also be abducted by the aliens.
Long Cat

6. Or directly fly to the universe and explore a cat world.
Long Cat

7. But this hug lover cat can also be the chosen one (The Circle of Life playing).
Long Cat

Hilarious! Creative people in the internet can really come up with just whatever they can think of especially if it is the trend. Well, this goes to show that the Best Kitten Hug Ever could also be the longest cat ever with the most hilarious remixes! Go share this to your friends too so they’ll get some dose of laughter!