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Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time. Watch How Their Cute Faces Were Transformed to Sour Faces!

While lemons are rich in Vitamin C and is good for the health, it has a sour taste that will distort any pretty face. And when we say pretty face, that does not exempt the cute innocent faces of babies. This video of babies tasting lemons for the first time is extremely adorable and funny too! You will see how their happy and eager faces turned into a sour face once they took a bite of the lemons. With their disgust, they threw away the lemons!

lemon babies

Take a look at the slow motion video of these babies who have tasted lemons for the first time.

Source: DavidandApril

We know you had a good laugh at this and we are pretty sure you still found them cute despite those sour faces. Go share this video to your friends, especially to those who love lemons!