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This Guy Danced The Same Routine for 100 Days! The Result is So Much Fun!

If you were given the chance to do something unique for 100 days what would it be? There could so many things you could think of but it would be hard to decide which one to do. A guy arrived to a distinct idea and did it for 100 days. He danced every day for 100 successive days but he didn’t just moved with the music. He did it in the same room with the same music and the same dance steps. The result was fun and cool!


Check out this guy and you might want to dance with him too!!

Would it be fun to dance every day? Well, some of us really do some regular dance exercises but this guy really had a good idea and had a GoPro camera set up his cabinet to record himself doing the same dance routine every day. Share the fun to your friends too!