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This Nun Rocks Italy with Her Amazing Performance. You Should See How the Judges React.

If you’re thinking that all nuns are all just staying inside the churches and have nothing special to show, then you’re dead wrong, sister! Italy was shocked with amazement by a nun performing on the stage of The Voice of Italy singing Alicia key’s hit song “No one”.

The singer nun’s name is Sister Cristina Scuccia. Aside from being in masses praying, apparently she has an amazing God-given gift she wants to share to the world. But there’s nothing to compare on how awe-strikingly amazing she performed her talent.

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The 25-year-old-nun was accompanied by four of her sisters in her community along with her parents as well. As she enjoys herself performing on stage, these nuns seem to know how to have fun as well as they give an all-out cheer for their sister.

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As the crowd cheers very loud to her outstanding performance, the judges start to press the button one by one; and as their sits turned to face the singer, you’ll just love their priceless expressions as they saw what the rocking performer looks like.

Without further ado, here’s the video of the singer nun.

Source: The Voice Of Italy

Sister Cristina surely shows us to be proud of our own talents and be happy to share it to the world! Also, let’s share some love for this amazing sister and try to share this to our friends in Facebook.