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These Food Labels Will Make You Laugh so HARD. #12 is Overly Strange!

What make it easy to pick the food that we buy from the market are their labels. We are familiar with those products that we usually get every time it is market day or grocery day. But there are some food labels that look strange and funny using some terms that are somewhat inappropriate for a foodie. Funny as it may seem, but there are really some food items that have bizarre product names.

As we dug around the web for these kinds of food labels, we were entertained with what we have collated and it left us wondering if how the buyers think about these products that they patronize. Well, I guess, what matters to them is the quality and taste of the food and not just the labels.

1. Urinal.


2. Child Shredded Meat.

Child Shredded Meat

3. Pee Cola.

Pee Cola

4. 6 Faggots.

6 Faggots

5. Only Puke.

Only Puke
Bill Greyskull|

6. Soup for Sluts.

Soup for Sluts

7. Frozen Rape Leaf.

Frozen Rape Leaf

8. Poop Tarts.

Poop Tarts

9. Roasted Monkey Nuts.

Roasted Monkey Nuts

10. The Jew’s Ear Juice.

The Jew's Ear Juice
psit |

11. Golden Gaytime.

Golden Gaytime

12. Tastes Like Grandma.

Tastes Like Grandma

13. Cemen Dip.

Cemen Dip

14. The Anus.

The Anus

15. Innocent Kids Juices.


16. Extra D!ck.

Extra Dick

17. Finger Marie.

Finger Marie

18. Fagottini.


19. Megapussi


20. Creamy White Finishing Sauce.

Creamy White Finishing Sauce

21. Cock Macaroni.

Cock Macaroni

22. Cream Colon.

Cream Colon

23. Homo Sausage.

Homo Sausage
Duncan WJ Palmer|

24. D’assess.


25. Crunky Ball Nude.

Crunky Ball Nude

Strange, right? What is even weirder is that some of the food also takes a shape that will remind us of the funny labels on it just like the homo sausage. Find this interesting? Share it with your friends!