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This “Let It Go” Parody Will Drive You Nuts! Pure Entertainment Indeed! Trust Me.

Disney’s Frozen is a total hit and is still soaring high up to this date and we think, it is hard to put down any Disney film especially one like Frozen. Indeed, it is hard to let go of it! No wonder that there are so many versions of its official soundtrack, Let It Go. While others are seriously reaching the high notes of Demi Lovato, this one is a perfect lip synchronization. But not only his lips go with the music but even his actions! It is really impressive and totally funny how this Korean performer acted exactly like what Elsa did in the movie during the scene when she sang the song.

let it go parody

What made it more entertaining is how he used creative effects to mimic Elsa’s powers! He even has an improvised snow staircase too! How he did the “snow flurry effects” will drive you nuts! Frozen fan or not, you will love this!

Source: starkingsbs

Hilarious! We could just imagine how much this performer closely looked and studied every move of Elsa and imitated her for this performance. He sure is very talented too! Share this Frozen comedy parody to your friends!